About Us

KWT has pioneered the Total Water Management concept in this part of the world. Established in the late 80’s, KWT has now become the one-stop solution to address all needs on the water treatment front. KWT Water Treatment chemicals evolved as a dream……..a dream to be recognized as the most trusted name in providing solutions in treating and conserving a very precious commodity – WATER. Conceived in 1990, KWT has grown in line with it’s dream and today, is considered the one-stop solution in water treatment in the U.A.E. Diversifying into Process chemicals to cater to the challenging Refinery, Petrochemicals and Lubricants industrial sector, has rendered KWT the all-round strength to function as a single-source vendor for water treatment and process chemicals specific to that sector. KWT specializes in offering a TEAM approach to it’s customers becoming one with their needs in optimizing plant economics for chemicals and utilities. Total Water Management is one another important area competently offered by KWT.

Water Bird will utilize a ” Team Approach ” in servicing.. We feel strongly that the team concept will provide you with greater value for your water treatment and process chemical treatment cost. Using this approach, we would be able to react more quickly and have coverage during vacations, holidays and offer company training sessions. The Water Bird corporate engineering staffs provide additional technical support. The customized service program is broken down into services for each key subsystem and non-routine services that are available if required. All of these services will be provided at no additional cost but only with the assurance of a long-term contract.

Pre-Start-Up / Pre-Commissioning Services

  • Review piping and instrument drawings and offer recommendations.
  • Review pretreatment equipment with subsequent recommendations.
  • Review/recommend chemical feed systems
  • Review chemical feed control apparatus
  • Interface with equipment vendors where necessary.
  • Review equipment technical manuals
  • Develop an operator training manual for the chemical systems
  • Conduct operator-training sessions on water and process chemical treatment.
  • Develop preliminary cost estimates for all water and process treatment programme
  • Recommend monitoring methods in order to establish system conditions during start-up as well as routine operation.
  • Provide recommendations for analytical equipments and procedures.
  • Provide chemical treatment program recommendations and operating chemistry guidelines.
  • Assist in developing an environmentally rational treatment programme.
  • Provide recommendations for out-of-service protection of equipment.


  • Regular visits to site for lab and field testing of all relevant parameters.
  • Site visits otherwise on need basis.
  • Periodic reviews and reports
  • Stock inventory advise
  • Training of operating personnel
  • Technical inputs on case-to-case basis.
  • Chemical delivery at short notice
  • Supervision during initial dosing of chemicals


  • Corrosion and fouling studies
  • Scale & corrosion free system / equipment internals during inspection at any given time
  • No drop in heat transfer rates due to scaling or fouling
  • Reduction in downtimes on account of treatment related problems.
  • Troubleshooting assistance.
  • Regular site upgradation proposals.
  • Continuous endeavour towards economizing treatment costs.
ProMinent is the reliable solutions partner for water treatment and a manufacturer of components and systems for chemical fluid handling.
  1. Chemical dosing pumps.
  2. R.O Plants.
  3. Ozone generators.
  4. Storage tanks.
  5. Automatic chemical feed systems.
  6. Controllers.
  7. Probes/Sensors etc.

Avista technologies is devoted exclusively to the supply of speciality chemicals and technical support services for the membrane seperation industry speicfically Reverse osmosis and nanofilteration. Their products and services are designed to prevent ,reduce or treat the fouling that occurs within these systems.

  1. R.O related chemicals.
  2. Anti-foulants.
  3. Anti-scalants.
  4. Biocides.

Rochester Midland Corporation (RMC) is a global company that provides a broad range of programs that deliver sustainable solutions for health, productivity and the environment. Rochester Midland is a specialty chemical company with marketing divisions in water treatment, food process chemistry, washroom sanitation industrial cleaners, institutional products and feminine hygiene vended products.

  1. Speciality chemicals.
  2. Industrial water treatment chemicals.
  3. De-soiling chemicals, etc.
  4. De-greasers.
  5. Paint strippers.
  6. Rust inhibitors