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Having been in the field for 20 years KWT has always strived to achieve the pinnacle, realistically. We have always anticipated market trends and understood the dynamics of water treatment requirements and changes, which have helped us, stay ahead of out game. With a accumulate increase in our staff strength, office space and range of service and product provision, we strive to reach the 100% mark rapidly and swiftly.

We vision the future of KWT, working hand in hand with some of the water treatment moguls around the world. We strive to have a larger, more technically sound work force, equipped to solve a larger array of water treatment techniques. This would not only mean venturing into more varied water treatment methods than we currently are, but to also actively involve in the look out for newer, more better treatment methods. Along with this, we always have and will continue to largely support environmentally friendly policies and procedures. Be it energy recovery systems (ERI) or water recycling systems etc, we are always supporting the most environmentally viable solutions.  

We have dedicated our entire efforts for the pure satisfaction of our end users, our clients. We endeavor ever trick in our hat, to provide customers with on time deliveries, high quality products and after sales services. Having taken this into consideration we strives to maintain the same level and quality of work procedures no matter where we supply our products, in an aim to uphold our customer’s strength and expectations. This has come naturally, in an aim to target much larger markets outside the Middle East. We are continually expanding our external operations and aim to double this milestone in the near future. Externally our focus remains on time, quality and competitive advantage, where as internally we believe in team work, joint solution construction and getting it right the first time. Hence our mission statement reads:

“Striving to provide the most proficient water treatment solutions, with the most modernized facilities, procedures and personnel, through our every growing strength, efforts and dimension”.